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You can become an active member of BDSA by paying membership fee. Membership fee is determined by the President of the BDSA every year. Current membership fees are as follows:
  • Undergraduate: $10
  • Graduate: $30
  • Post Doc: $100 
  • Faculty Member: $200
  • Others: Any contribution(donation) is welcome ($50 or above)
For 2017-18, we gave free T-shirt to everyone who became active member (Picture above).

Payment Options:

1. PayPal: purduebangla@gmail.com
2. Chase Quickpay/Zelle (cxc.com): purduebangla@gmail.com
3. Popmoney: purduebangla@gmail.com

BDSA mailing list

All official correspondence is sent to members through the BDSA Mailing list:

Boilerlink Membership

To join the BDSA Purdue group officially, please use the following link to register on our Boilerlink page with your Purdue login and password, and click on join:


Our official Facebook page can be accessed using the link below. https://www.facebook.com/bdsaPurdue/

You can request membership on our Bangladeshis at Purdue facebook group to receive up-to-date information on community events using the following link:

If you have any questions/concerns, you may contact us at bdsa@purdue.edu

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