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I would like to sincerely thank all the participants, volunteers and audience for making the event a success.

Hosting a Bangladesh Cultural Night on a similar scale of IMLD was a dream of mine. As I showed in the General Meeting in BDSA, Purdue is extremely strategically located to have a get together of different Bangladeshi Communities.

But the dream would not be a reality had it not been a combined effort of all Purdue BDSA members and committee.

We, the performers and the Executive Committee really appreciate all of you who came to the program to show support and enjoy the show. It means a lot to us when people actually appreciate and enjoy the performance that we put forward. I sincerely thank all the visitors who came to Purdue from Michiana, Chicago, Indianapolis, Champaign, Argonne National Lab, to see our show and thank you to BDSA Purdue community for all your support and enthusiasm.

Bringing forth a cultural program require a lot of off-stage practice and time. Sanchita once again proved that she can be extremely efficient in managing and organizing the overall cultural performance and practice sessions, and also for organizing the props for the dance and performances. Thanks to Ferdous and Asif for arranging for the snacks and food, and shopping for props. I was in charge of feeding pizza to the performers and technicians. Also, thanks to Asif and Salvi for pulling off the Microphone Controlling at the last moment. Thanks to Shorf Afza Nooha for designing the flyer for the event. Thanks to Nayem and Rafi for agreeing to sacrifice watching the program, for bringing in more pizza for the technicians.

Thanks to Tridib's networking, we could get the Wiley radio people who were awesome in handling the sound system of the hall. Thanks to Tridib and Moyukh for taking care of the sound engineering of the hall. (Fowler Hall technicians charge 600$ for the voluntary service that these two gave.)

Thanks to all the performers who practice and made a great show for the audience to enjoy. I would like to share the final program schedule here and thank each and every one of the performers.

Full Program Schedule: 
1. National Anthem Amar Shonar Bangla - Sajid, Kuhu, Sanchita, Amity, Angkon, Tarin, Zahid, Babu, Kafi, Faria
2. Group Dance Aji Bangladesh Hridoy Hote/Jwole Utho Bangladesh - Tarin, Bushra, Mun, Saraf, Ema, Sanchita, Faria, Joyeeta, Sarah and Nooha
3. Poem Recitation Swodesher Gaan - Angkon
4. Sitar Solo - Shamya
5. Solo Dance Borosha by Kona - Karina Islam (Chicago)
6. Flute Solo - Ami Banglay Gaan Gai - Kafi (Flute), Mun (Poem)
7. Keyboard Solo - I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi - Ijaj
8. Poem recitation - Keo Katha Rakheni (Poet: Sunil Gongopaddhay) - Zahid Iqbal
9. Song - Shonar o Palonker/Sakhi Piya Pardesi - Sanchita, Tridib (Cajon), Mayukh (keyboard), Sajid (guitar)
10. Instrumental Purano Sei Diner Kotha/Valo Achi Valo Theko - Shegufta Plabon & Shadman (UIUC) (Violin & Guitar Instrumental)
11. Poem Recitation - Sharee (Poet: Subodh Sarkar) - Munmun
12. Song - Akasher Haate Ache Ekrash Nil/Uttoriyo Hawa/Abar Elo Je Shondhya - Kuhu (vocal), Dip (guitar)
13. Group Dance - Kine De Reshmi Churi/Mone Rong Legeche - Saraf, Nooha, Tarin, Ema, Bushra
14. Drama - Tara Tin Jon (Humayun Ahmed) - Salvi, Asif, Ferdous, Amity, Ron, Angkon. Mun, Zahid

Special thanks to Karina Islam and Jhankar bhai for driving all the way from Chicago to perform in the program. Also, special thanks to UIUC Folks Plabon and Shadman for coming to Purdue to perform. I know IU Bloomington folks wanted to perform as well, but unfortunately, due to the schedule conflict, they could not make it to the program.

Thanks to Bushra, Saraf and Tarin for the fantastic song selection and dance choreography and lead.

Thanks to Moyukh for helping me with the chords for Sanchita's songs and the fantastic on-stage performance, and off-stage help in the sound setup

I would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who worked behind the scene to make the program a success:

Photography: Zahid Bhai, Shimul, and Rohan
Slideshow and Projector: Mamun
Sound: Tridib, Moyukh
Stage Lighting: Sanjoy Bhai
Videography: Angkon, Parvez, Shamya
Sound System: Wiley Radio
Back Stage: Babu Bhai, Pintu

We also thank everyone who helped us in clean-up after the event (Tridib, Mamun, Pintu, Shakib, Asif, and all others)

Here is the trailer video of the Bangladesh Night event. Please visit our youtube channel for the complete video.

Lastly, we would love to hear from you. Please provide feedback on our event by going to the link here:

Sajid Choudhury
Bangladesh Students Association

P.S. After we took a challenge for doing a Drama from BDSA, Asif, Salvi, and Ferdous took it upon themselves to make it a reality and teaming up with Mun, they came up with the drama script in a night of brainstorming. Salvi and Asif came up with the fantastic intro of the drama.

Mahmuda Shirin Mun was key in directing, and strive for perfection during the practice sessions. Asif, Salvi, Ferdous, Ron were fantastic in their performance in the drama. Amity bhabi's breakthrough role as "Kushum" and Angkon's role as Moznu proved that Purdue will continue to host brilliant new performers and talents. 

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