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Celebration of International Mother Language Day 2023

Purdue Bangladesh Students Association (BDSA) gathered at Fowler Hall to celebrate International Mother Language Day (IMLD) to showcase and appreciate the variety of languages and cultures across the world.

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is a part of Bangladeshi history stemming from the student protests held on February 21, 1952, to change the official state language of then-Pakistan to Bangla. UNESCO officially recognized this day in 1999 to promote awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity and multilingualism.
This year, Purdue BDSA collaborated with the Purdue University Tagore Society (PUTS) to make both the program and audience more diverse. The event was funded by the One Community Grant from Purdue University.
As with previous years, students from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds performed songs, poetry, dance, and music to commemorate this historic day.
The program was open to all and free of cost!

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