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The Constitution of Bangladesh Students Association

Article I - Definition

The name of the organization shall be Bangladesh Students Association. Official abbreviation of the organization will be Purdue BDSA.

Article II - Aim

The aim and purpose of this association is to
1. represent Bangladesh and its cultures,
2. cultivate a sense of community among Bangladeshi students within Purdue University,
3. serve the interests of Bangladeshi students within Purdue University,
4. identify the needs and concerns of Bangladeshi students and take responsive action that is beneficial to the Bangladeshi community as a whole,
5. nurture academic, professional and social growth of its members, and,
6. enhance the awareness of Bangladesh and Bangladeshi issues in the Purdue University community.

Article III - Membership

1. Non-Discrimination Policy: Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, genetic information, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity and expression, disability, or status as a veteran. Membership shall be open to anyone, who is eligible according to the aforementioned definition and also has paid his or her membership fees.
2. Active Membership: Only Purdue University students are eligible for active membership in the organization. Purdue University staff and faculty are eligible for adjunct membership. A member will be only active in an academic year, if he pays the membership fee for that academic year. If a member graduates or loses student status from the University, he/she will lose active member status. Active members have right to vote to elect executive committee members, right to vote in the executive committee and general meetings, right to hold positions in the executive committees and sub-committee chairs.
3. Adjunct Membership: Purdue University staff and faculty, or any Tippecanoe County residents are eligible for adjunct membership. An adjunct member must pay membership fee for the academic year. Adjunct members have no right to vote.
4. Honorary Membership: Those who wish to participate and do not wish to pay the membership fee shall be Honorary Members. Honorary Members can participate in any activity but cannot vote in elections or hold any post in the Executive Committee.
5. Membership Fee: The President shall announce the amount of fees to be paid by each member in the beginning of each academic year and it shall be charged once in every year. Membership fees shall not be changed more than 25% (twenty-five percent) or 10$ without the approval by the majority of the members. The President shall announce the deadline for membership renewal at the beginning of academic year, that can be extended up to the beginning of election.

Article IV – Executive Committee

1. The Executive Committee shall consist of President, Vice president, General Secretary and Treasurer. These positions shall be referred as the top four positions. The term for each committee will be one academic year from June 1 to May 31.
2. Sub-Committees: At the discretion of Executive Committee, special sub-committees for different activities can be and Chairs of each subcommittee will also be part of the Executive Committee.
3. All members of the Executive Committee must be active members of the Purdue BDSA. During the term, the Executive Committee members must maintain active membership status. At any event, if an Executive Committee member loses his/her active membership status or loses good standing from the University or enters in to academic probation in the university, he would become ineligible to hold his post in the Executive Committee. In such case the position would be vacated immediately, and a new active member will be selected to temporarily fill his/her post, until an election can be held. The Treasurer must be in good financial standing with the University.
4. Term Limit: A member can serve no more than two terms in the same position in the executive committee, except for the president - A member can only serve for one term as a BDSA president.
5. Position Limit: There can be only 1 person for each positions of the top-four positions.
6. Diverse representation: executive committee must ensure that, at least one event per academic year is focused towards the undergraduate student members of the organization.
7. Representatives: Adjunct members’ representatives may be included in the sub-committees chaired by Executive Committee members.
8. Power of General Body: At the request of at least 66% of the active members, any decision taken by the Executive Committee can be reversed.
9. Duties of the Executive Committee are defined through by-laws.
10. Faculty Advisor: The faculty advisor will be as a non-student member of the organization, with all rights and privileges therein, except for the right to vote or hold office. Advisor must be full-time faculty or administrative/professional staff at Purdue. Chosen by the executive committee members, the role of the faculty advisor is to provide guidance and support.
11. Steering Committees: If a planned event transcends the term of an Executive Committee, a special Steering Committee may be formed to plan and execute the event successfully. Executive Committee would assign a Convener of the Steering Committee who would preside over meetings and act as the Person-In-Charge for the event. Such Steering Committee would operate independently of the Executive Committee of BDSA, and would be effective till the event is held. If election is held after forming the Steering committee and before the event is held, new President and Treasurer of BDSA will be ex officio members of the Steering committee.

Article V - Election Procedures

1. An election must be held at the end of each academic year.
2. The charge must be handed over to new Executive Committee before June 1st of each year.
3. By-laws related to the election must be followed to elect Executive Committee members.
4. Any time an election is held, Purdue University must be notified within 3 weeks and charge must be handed over to newly elected Executive Committee at the time of notification.

Article VI – By-Laws

1. The Executive Committee can draft bills as necessary for the organization. The bills can be adopted as a by-law by the majority vote of the active members of Purdue BDSA.
2. A by-law cannot conflict or supersede any part of the constitution.
3. A by-law may not violate the university policies or conflicts with the guidelines and policies for Recognized Student Organization (RSO) of Purdue University.
4. Once a by-law is passed, two-thirds majority of the active member vote is needed to repeal or amend it.
5. Once election process is started, by-laws cannot be amended before the new committee is elected.

Article VII – Scope

1. Decisions and actions by the Executive Committee or members of the Purdue BDSA must be in accordance with Purdue University policy and adhere to Student Activities and Organizations rules and regulations.
2. All account keeping, organization's fund deposition, and expenditures are to be done in the manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations and adhering to applicable policies of Purdue University.

Article VIII- Constitution Amendments

1. Proposal of Constitution Amendments: Amendments to the Constitution can be proposed to a general meeting in the following two procedures: -
a. Resolution by the Executive Committee.
b. A petition signed by at least 30% of the active members.
2: Resolution of Amendments
a. Once a proposal of the amendment is brought to the floor of a general meeting, the members on a referendum shall vote on it.
b. Votes can be collected in advance, with signatures, or electronically.
c. The passage of the proposal requires at least 66% of all the active members to vote in favor of the proposed amendment.
d. A constitution amendment or by-law amendment can only be proposed after the deadline for membership renewal is passed.
e. All amendments to the constitution and bylaws are subject to the approval of the Student Activities and Organizations and must adhere to the applicable university policies and laws.

This constitution is ratified on the date May 6th, 2018 by more than 66% vote of the general body of Purdue BDSA, and signed by the Advisor, President, and Treasurer on June 1st, 2018.  Each year the constitution must be signed by the new President and Treasurer and submitted to Purdue Student Activities and Organizations.

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