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You can reach us at
If you are looking for an urgent reply, please contact our President, Binayok Sharma, at
For membership fees and/or donations, please contact our Treasurer, Md Motiur Rahman, at

Mailing lists and website member sheet

We operate a Google Group page titled 'Bangladeshis Currently at Purdue'. This group is used to forward official correspondence to all members from Purdue BDSA.
To join our Google groups, please go to this link and request membership:

Admission to the mailing lists is subject to verification.

If you are not a member of Purdue BDSA but wish to add yourself to our Chicago Bazar mailing list, please contact Binayok Sharma at

Social media platforms

You can also reach out to us with any queries on our social media platforms, the links for all of which are present in the header of this page.
Our official Facebook page can be accessed using the link below:
You can request membership on our 'Bangladeshis at Purdue' Facebook group to post and receive up-to-date information on community events using the following link:
We also have a Twitter page:
Don't miss our video coverage of our cultural events on our YouTube page:

Membership on Boilerlink

To join the Purdue BDSA officially and to take part in Purdue BDSA elections, please use the following link to register on our Boilerlink page with your Purdue login and password:

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