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Dear members,

 Based on Executive Committee meeting decision, we chose the spring event list and the Person-In-Charge (PIC) for each event.

Spring Events:

  • Symposium 4 (Feb 10, PGSC): Tridib
  • Ekushey Probhat Feri (Feb 20, Hiler Theater): Salvi  Babu
  • Symposium 5 (Cooking+Food Safety themed, Venue TBD, March 24):  
  • Badminton Tournament: Saeed
  • Soccer Tournament: Rabu
  • Board Game Night (Indoor - Uno, Fifa, Ludu, Venue TBD): Asif
  • Outdoor Games: Asif
  • BDSA Magazine: Nayem
  •  IMLD (Mar 31, Fowler): Sajid, Sanchita
  • Pohela Boishakh Dinner (14th April, Venue TBD): Sanjay, Ferdous
  • Pohela Boishakh Chalk Art (13th April or 15th April, Venue TBD) Tridib
  • Symposium 6 (Alumni themed, Date & Venue TBD): Tridib 

Role of Person-In-Charge:

  1. It is implied that each PIC would work proactively, lead and take charge of the event, and rest of the members of EC will help them organize each event.
  2. PICs would send out an invitation and signup for each of the events, ensure the venue is booked ensure food is ordered, coordinate and distribute workload for each event, and all logistics are maintained.
  3. PICs would communicate directly with the EC members for any help needed. If requested by a PIC we would have Executive Committee meeting for a particular event, but only as a last resort. We will have meetings for IMLD and Pahela Boishakh, and hopefully, rest of the events would be coordinated directly by PICs. 
  4. For venue TBDs, PICs would be responsible for choosing and reserving the venue.
Sajid Choudhury
Bangladesh Students Association .
Purdue University

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