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Dear Members,
I'm delighted to announce that we have distributed all members and contributors the 2017 BDSA T-shirt. We distributed a total of 95 t-shirts. With this, our t-shirt distribution program comes to an end.
We still have about 5 extra t-shirts, so if you become a member of BDSA, we will be giving out those t-shirts on a first come basis (while supply lasts). Please contact our treasurer Sanjay Bhai if you want to renew BDSA membership or join BDSA.
Our T-shirts has finally arrived. Thanks again to Shorf Afza Nooha for the brilliant design concept and the illustrations. We chose the color scheme with the Maximum vote for the T-shirt (Forest and Scarlet for Red and Green of Bangladesh Flag, Golden for Purdue's theme of Black and Gold)

We plan to start distributing them in the next Winterization event November 11th, so that people who will volunteer in the event will get to wear the T-shirts first. (Also take first selfies/group photo with them). You are highly encouraged to participate in the activity, to help the local community members, as well as, to leave a positive impact on the local community regarding the image of Bangladesh. To know more about the winterization, please visit their website.

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