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BDSA Purdue held indoor games (Badminton, Chess, Ludo, FIFA 23, and Table Tennis) events for BDSA members at Purdue. Over two weeks, more than 50 participants competed in those events, with the winners eventually coming out on top.

Badminton Men's Doubles Champion: Samin and Tanzim

Badminton Men's Doubles Runner-up: Tariq and Motiur

Badminton Men's Singles Champion: Tanzim

Badminton Men's Singles Runner-up: Anindya

Badminton Women's Singles Champion: Mohona

Badminton Women's Singles Runner-up: Raisa

Badminton Women's Singles Participants

FIFA 23 Champion: Tanzim
FIFA 23 Runner-up: Abhijit

Ludo Champion: Nafisa

Ludo Runner-up: Tandra

29 Champion: Samin and Maruf

29 Runner-up: Tandra and Laboni

Chess Champion: Shams

Chess Runner-up: Sadi

Table Tennis Men's Doubles Champion: Tridib and Sudipta

Table Tennis Men's Doubles Runner-up: Hamim and Sazzad

Badminton photos:

Table Tennis photos:

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