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For the first time in the history of BDSA, this year, Purdue Bangladesh Students Association organized a Cricket tournament. It featured the battle between four teams: Durbol (Captain: Ron), Jhal Morich (Captain: Riaz), Sobuj Korolla (Captain: Dr. Ryyan), Matha Noshto (Captain: Dr. Sadri).

The following teams were formed for the tournament:

DurbolSobuj KorollaJhal MorichMatha Noshto
RabuTridibKazi ArafatZahid
SajidDr. TasbirNayemRagib
ShuvroRafiDr. ZiaIjaj

Games Fixture:

Friday Jul 7, 2017
5:00-6:00DurbolvsShobuj Korolla
6:30-7:30Jhal MorichvsShobuj Korolla
7:30-8:30DurbolvsMatha Noshto
Saturday Ju 8, 2017
6:00-7:00Matha NoshtovsJhal Morich
7:30-8:30Matha NoshtovsShobuj Korolla
9:00-10:00DurbolvsJhal Morich
Third placeTBDMatha NoshtoShobuj Korolla
FinalTBDJhal MorichvsDurbol

Fair Participation Rules

A unique feature of this tournament was the Fair participation rule. The rules ensured that every player got to bat and bowl. The rules are following:

  1. For fair participation, the batting order must be shuffled in all 3 of the group matches. (Last 3 batsman of game one would be pushed to the first 3 in the next game, and so on. Also, each player in the group level must be allowed to be in the top 3 of the batting order at least once.)
  2. Each captain has to declare first 3 top order batsmen at the beginning of the match.
  3. I. First 6 overs to be bowled by different bowlers. II. Only two players can bowl 2 over (max).
  4. After facing 10 balls, if not out, the batsman would be “retired (un)hurt”, and the next person in the batting order would be allowed to play. After fall of the remaining wickets, all “retired (un)hurt” batsmen would be allowed to bat again for 6 more balls by rotation.
For rules of the tournament, click here.

Captain Election

Captains were elected by the pool of players who signed up, and team selection was done by the captains with random calling.

Tournament Result

After first league stage, the time was insufficient to hold a final match. Jhal Morich was declared winner of the tournament.

Point table for group stage:

Jhal Morich3306+8.69
Matha Noshto3112-1.41
Shobuj Korolla3030-6.17

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