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Dear BDSA,

I am pleased to inform you that Sajid bhai and the 2017-18 committee will be taking over all BDSA responsibilities on July 6th, 2017 - Thursday. We originally wanted to make the transition later this month but we decided it would be best to have it now.

On behalf of the outgoing committee (2016-17) I would like to say that it was a pleasure serving BDSA this past year. We did our best to uphold our traditions, introduce a few new ones when possible and most importantly make this a good organization for people to be a part of.

Be it for time constraints or other unforeseeable reasons, we realize it wasn't perfect; and for that we apologize. We hope you would be able to forgive our shortcomings and focus on any little good that we were able to do/continue.

With that, I wish Sajid bhai and the new committee all the best. I am sure they will do an astonishing job in upholding our values and our constitution.

Looking forward to a good year!

Thank you

Tamzidul Mina

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