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Dear all,
I have a good news to share. We had applied for a SOGA grant to celebrate Nobanno Utshob of Bangladesh - cultural program to celebrate the harvest festival of Bangladesh. SOGA has approved 3000$ for Loeb Playhouse rental, props, food and advertising of the event. This is the largest grant that BDSA has ever been awarded in terms of total money, and also the highest grant in this allocation period for any SOGA event and proves the increasing confidence of the Grant Allocation Board towards us due to transparency in fiscal management and reporting. Thanks to Tridib, Babu Bhai for their input for writing the grant. The grant can be used to fund the fledgling fall cultural program "Bangladesh Night" in a much grand scale. The funds must be utilized by September 30th (or will be forfeited by SOGA), so hopefully, the BDSA 2018-19 Executive Committee would take steps towards implementing it once they take office.
We are planning to participate in the Purdue Homecoming Parade to be held on September 21st. PSUB expects about 5000 spectators in the parade and it would be a great opportunity to uphold the name of Bangladesh in such a large event. PSUB is going to pay for making a float for the parade if we give them a list of items, so we need to brainstorm for a design of a float.
We need your help with ideas and request your presence in our brainstorming meeting on 4/10/2018 at 7:00 PM. I will confirm the location on that day. I also want to discuss the possibility of decoration in the Pahela Boishakh Dinner (4/14/2018) in the meeting, so please sign up if you are available for the meeting in the following spreadsheet:…/1-Zzfdbe_ZQ9Mo6HZHCWuzBvBTR…/edit…
We will have refreshments at the meeting.
Thank you

Students discuss and brainstorm ideas for the PSUB Float

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