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Thank you Note from BDSA President
Dear all,

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Pahela Boishakh celebration. It was one of the largest indoor events that BDSA ever organized, with about 128 people participating in the event (based on signup sheet and headcount). 

I thank the BDSA committee members and volunteers who assisted with planning and execution. Sanjay bhai and Ferdous were the "Person-In-Charge" of the event. Thanks to GSOGA (Graduate Student Grant Allocation Board) for partially supporting this event.

Thanks to Sanchita for helping me plan the decoration of the room. Thanks to Sanchita, Sanjay bhai, Babu Bhai, Ferdous for help with shopping and distribution of groceries, thanks to Arafat Bhai and Ferdous for helping us get halal meat from Indianapolis. Thanks to the team of volunteers (Orchi, Maliha, Tarin, Shimul, Shakib, Saraf, Ajanta, Shuvro, Joyeeta, Bushra, Nooha, Rahee, Faria, Ema and Kuhu) who helped design and paint the backdrop. Thanks to Bushra who designed the flyer for the event. Thanks to Ijaj, Usama, Salsabil, Ishmum, Rafi and Atanu who helped us set up the room. Thanks to everyone who helped cook. From the signup sheet, Chicken: Sanchita, Esha, Saima, Musbiha, Nooha, Tarin; Rice: Nipa, Zinia, Amity, Saida; Lentil Soup: Nahrin & Arafat, EMA & ANIK, Faria, Orchi; Vortas: Imtiaz & Kafi, Michael & Shreya, Baishakhi and Shoumya, Medha, Orchi & Kuhu; Egg Bhuna: Saraf & Shakib, Joyeeta, Pintu and others, Bushra; Salad: Nira and Raha; Desert: Naju Apa, Ajanta, Nayima. Azima bhabi brought Panta Rice to the event that we could taste.

A special thanks to Zia Bhai & Nasrin Apa, Nazu Apa & Unmesh Da, Briti Bhabi & Ashraf Alam sir, Meher Apa & Atiq Bhai, Marufa Apa & Tasbir Bhai, Bonna Apa & Reza Bhai, Azima Apa & Sunny Bhai, Tasmia Bhabi & Bappi Bhai for not only sponsoring us the Hilsha fish, but also for cooking it deliciously and helping it to be transported to PVCC. Even though most of them were traveling out of town, they ensured that we could enjoy the Hilsha, and insisted that we maintain our schedule by starting the program.

Thanks to Tridib and Shoumya for helping and coordinating with the musical performance and thanks to Medha, Kuhu, Shoumya for singing in the event. Thanks to Asif, Shamya, Rohan, Shadman, Sanjay Bhai, Sanchita, Babu Bhai, Ferdous, Bushra, and everyone else who helped us with the trash removal and cleanup.

For everyone else, we thank you for your participation, help, and support at the program. 


Sajid Choudhury
Bangladesh Students Association

Invitation from the Person In Charge

Dear All,

We are celebrating Pahela Baishakh this year on 14th April. We will be having a Dinner with Hilsha and social party at PGSC, and also would like to do Chalk art at the Engineering Mall. Please see the details of the two-day event below:

Event: Pahela Baishakh Dinner 
Where: PGSC Lounge 
Date:  Saturday, 14th April, 2018 
When:  8-11 pm 

Event: Chalk Art 
Where: Engineering Mall
Date:  Sunday, 15th April, 2018 
When:  3 pm 

To make this program successful, we need your cooperation and help.  We humbly request you to kindly sign up for volunteering in the event. 

Signup sheet: 
The dinner is for Members of BDSA and their immediate family members only. Chalk art is open for all.

Flyer Design: Bushra Ferdousi

Videos for Cultural Program

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