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Purdue BDSA celebrated the International Mother Language Day (IMLD) on March 31st 2018 in Fowler Hall, Stewart Center.

Complete program schedule:

#Country/Organization Represented other than BDSAItem DetailsPerformers
0MCs would be taking stage at the beginning and comes before every performanceSaiful, Kafi, Ishaam
1National Anthem of BangladeshSanchita, Sajid, Tridib, Shoumyo, Sujon, Ajanta, Shuvro, Medha, Kuhu
Dance: Rokte amar abar proloy dolaOrchi, Maliha, Saraf, Sabrina, Sarah, Baishakhi, Sanchita, Shorf, Ema, Ajanta, Medha
Poem recitation: Kumro Phuler BoriSanchita
March to Freedom / Chol Chol CholAnkon, Sadi, Pintu, Babu, Sajid, Rohan, Shamya
Song: Joy BanglaSanchita, Medha, Shuvro, Ajanta, Sajid, Shoumya, Tridib
3USASong: Stand by Me - BB KingMatt Therkelsen, Jacob Werth
4Dance: Dhitang Dhitang BoleSaraf, Sabrina, Sarah, Bushra, Orchi, Maliha, Ema
5Phillipine"Ako'y saiyo at ika'y saakin lamang" in Tagalog languageMiguel Odron
6South Korea"River Flows in You" by IrumaBrian, Saeed
7"Borne Gondhe" - Original by Sachin Deb BarmanKuhu, Aveek, Tamzid, Maliha
8Romania"Ierusalime, cetate împodobită" Saxophone coverSam, Sajid
9IranKamanche improvisationKiarash (Kia)
10Multiple songs featuring Tagore song and Bengali folk songs:
"Ami Marer Sagor Pari Debo" - Tagore Song
"Kalo jole kujla tole" - Jhumur song
"Pindare Polasher Bon" - Jhumur song
Sanchita, Medha, Tridib, Shoumya, Sajid
11Peru"Música Peruana Andina/Andean" Peruvian MusicManuel Mar, Jorge Diaz, Jorge Perez, Miguel Alvarez, Grady Games
12Dance: DheemtanaSaraf, Sabrina, Shorf, Ajanata, Ema, Baishakhi
13Violin: "Amar Bhaiyer Rokte"
Piano: "Ami Banglay Gaan Gai"
14Bangladesh/Senegal"Fatou yo" Senegalese Song fusion with Bengali songShoumya, Tridib
15IndiaTatvam band performs a Hindi, Tamil and Persian songAnamika Shreevastava, Parul Verma, Hridya Nelson, Parag Parekh, Prashanth Bhalachandran, Janav Udani, Shrihari Sridharan, Shashank Kashyap, Ananya Sheth
16Speech by BDSA President and Cultural ChairSajid / Sanchita
17Dance: Roshik Amar + DhimtanaSaraf, Sabrina, Ema, Bushra, Shorf

Slide Projection volunteer: Asif, Sanjoy
Camera and Video: Shimul, Shamya
Backstage: Babu, Pintu, Parvez, Shamik

Thank you note from BDSA President

"On behalf of the executive committee of Purdue BDSA, I would like to thank all the participants, performers, committee members, backstage volunteers, technical crew, slide projection volunteers, emcees, flyer and trifold designer, and volunteers who worked day and night and helped the IMLD happen. Thank you to all of you who came to enjoy the show.
We do ask the question “why?”  before every event or project that we have overtaken as this committee. For this International Mother Language Day celebration, we had two answers to this “why?” question. Firstly, we wanted to put forward Bangladesh, its history, and culture to the diverse Purdue population. Secondly, we wanted to give a platform to the diverse student body at Purdue to celebrate their linguistic diversity and culture. 
This year, we tried to bring some new flavor to the show by strictly maintaining punctuality (we started the programme at 7:05 and finished before 10:00 pm), putting forth a video and live performance combination depicting the history of IMLD and Bangladesh. We also tried to bring more 'International' performers, by emailing about 3500 International students of Purdue, inviting them to perform in our show. "

Sajid Choudhury

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