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As the Fifa world cup 2018 is approaching, we are happy to inform you that BDSA Purdue is going to arrange a three-day soccer tournament. The games will be played on the synthetic turf of Trec under lights. We would announce the rules and format of the tournament in a subsequent email, but the rules would ensure that all players in each team will participate in the games.

May 09th Wed   Time:  7 to 8 pm
May 10th Thu    Time:  5 to 8 pm 
May 11th  Fri     Time:  5 to 6 pm

Trec South Turf, Purdue University.

So, if you are a soccer enthusiast, please sign up and show us what you have got. Even if you do not play regularly, you should join. It will also be fun to watch soccer games and give support to our soccer heroes. Hope to see everyone on the sign-up sheet. The link to sign up:

On behalf of the BDSA family,
Naeemul Islam Rabu
Saeed Salehin Akhand

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