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Dear all,
BDSA would like to invite everyone to our Annual General Meeting of BDSA to be held on June 1st Friday 7:30 PM at Purdue Graduate Student Center (PGSC). Agenda for the meeting is the following:
1. Presenting Annual Report of BDSA (President 2017-18)
2. Presenting Financial report of BDSA (Treasurer 2017-18)
3. Speech/Remarks by BDSA Advisor, Prof Ashraf Alam
4. Speech by President 2018-19 and announcement of Executive Committee
5. Distributing Sports Medals and Trophies
6. Distributing BDSA Magazine

We will serve dinner at the end of the meeting, after sunset. We will also break fast in the venue for those of us who are fasting and have a congregation for Magrib prayers there. 

We will cater food from a vendor based on sign-ups so it is very essential to sign up or you can also reply to this email.

Please RSVP in the following sheet by May 27th 2018:
Thank you,

Presentation by Sajid and Sanjay


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